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Closes: 19th July, 2019

What is P.R.I.M.E. Series 11?

P.R.I.M.E. Series 11 model portfolio is a set (basket) of 20 equity stocks aligned to invest Rs 1.0 Lakh (Rs 1,00,000/-) and in multiples thereof. These stocks are carefully selected by the equity Research team based on fundamental analysis and with an objective to outperform the underlying benchmark index, BSE 200, over a period of one year.

Why should I invest in P.R.I.M.E. Series 11?

One of the principles of successful investing is to achieve a delicate balance between swings in risks and returns that a typical equity market goes through in its normal course. This balance is best achieved by appropriate diversification and with careful selection of stocks whose risk-reward is favourable. SBICAP Securities’ Research team, through its expertise and experience, does exactly that and comes up periodically with a selection of stocks that are bunched together as an investible portfolio worth approximate Rs 1.0 Lakh. Model Portfolio PRIME Series 11 is the eleventh such portfolio that the team has compiled over the past three and half years. Model Portfolio PRIME Series-11 offers a general equity investor avail of Research team’s professional advice on stock investing so as to generate superior returns on his/her investments.
Following are the reasons why you should invest in P.R.I.M.E. Series 11 Model Portfolio :

Legacy Of A Successful Model Portfolio Series

P.R.I.M.E. Series 11 is the eleventh portfolio, from the stable of highly successful previous Model Portfolio series, that the Research team has compiled over the past three and half years.

Strategic Equity Diversification

This model portfolio series is made up of 20 equity stocks that are clubbed together in optimal proportions, after a careful and thorough evaluation, to reach a favourable risk-reward ratio. SBICAP Securities’ Research team, through its expertise and experience, does exactly that and comes up periodically with a selection of stocks that are bunched together as an investible portfolio worth approximate Rs 1 Lakh.

Expertise In Stock Picking

P.R.I.M.E. Series 11 offers a general equity investor to avail of the facility of the Research team’s professional advice on stock investing so as to generate superior returns on his/her investments.

Past Performances

The performance of portfolios has been extraordinary except for three portfolios (7, 8 and 9) when we started witnessing huge market volatility and perhaps the longest bear market for small and midcap shares since 2008. While 7 and 8 closed with negative returns of 1.2% and 8.9% respectively, we have been able to generate positive returns for 9. For every series, stock selection process and performance forecasts have been based on thorough research and in-depth market understanding. The equity stocks selected were the ones having the potential to outperform the current (existing at the time of launch) market in the medium to long term duration. Portfolio mix varied in large, mid and small-cap companies to provide overall balance to the investment, after considering various aspects like earning growth, return ratios, valuations, leverage positions and growth prospects. We have compared our portfolios with sectoral weights of CNX 500/100/BSE 200 to cover maximum possible industries in order to reduce the unsystematic risk. Following is a table depicting the performance of our previous model portfolio series.

Scheme Name Category Launch Date Benchmark Return in % status
Model Portfolio - Series-1 Diversified 22-Jan-16 CNX 500 39.4 Closed
Model Portfolio - Series-2 Diversified 28-Mar-16 CNX 500 38.1 Closed
Model Portfolio - Series-3 Diversified 12-Jul-16 CNX 500 33.8 Closed
Model Portfolio - Series-4 Diversified 23-Dec-16 CNX 500 50.1 Closed
Model Portfolio - Series-5 Diversified 17-Mar-17 CNX 100 26.4 Closed
Model Portfolio - Series-6 Diversified 17-Mar-17 CNX 100 24.9 Closed
Model Portfolio PRIME - Series-7 Diversified 07-Jul-17 CNX-500 -1.2 Closed
Model Portfolio PRIME - Series-8 Diversified 08-Dec-17 CNX-500 -8.9 Closed
Model Portfolio PRIME - Series-9 Diversified 13-Apr-18 BSE-200 2.6 Closed
Model Portfolio PRIME - Series-10* Diversified 02-Nov-18 BSE-200 7.12 Series Open
* As updated till Friday 5th July 2019


  • When should I invest in the Model Portfolio PRIME Series-11?

    One needs to invest in the portfolio now. The portfolio has a limited window available for investment. This window is upto 19th July 2019 after which the risks of the portfolio are likely to alter given the movement in stock prices.

  • Isn’t the market volatile and therefore not conducive for investments?

    The market may indeed be volatile given the global concerns on trade wars, recent budgetary proposals, volatile crude prices, subdued GDP numbers, poor corporate earnings, emergence of frauds and poor corporate governance but its long term story remain intact and

  • Can I choose the stocks I want to buy from the list?

    It is recommended that all the stocks are bought in the quantities mentioned. Else, the risk-return profile will get altered unfavourably. Therefore, all-or-none is our recommendation on the portfolio.

  • I already own some of the stocks. Can I buy only the rest?

    The risk-return profile gets altered unfavourably in such an event. We reiterate, it is all-or-none investment advice. All stocks have to be bought to achieve a balance in terms of risk-reward. One may continue to hold the other or excess stocks in one’s account till such time as the original investment objective of buying those stocks is achieved.

  • I want to buy 10 shares of all the 20 stocks. Should I do so?

    Not advisable at all. Please buy in the recommend quantity only.

  • Can I invest in stages?

    The window for investment is open until 19th July 2019 after which the risks of the portfolio are likely to alter given the movement in stock prices. Therefore, it is advisable to complete the entire investment before the above date.

  • Current stock prices are different from that mentioned in the model portfolio, do I wait till the price is seen on the screen?

    We recommend investment at whatever price is available in the market at the time of investment. There is no need to wait for the price to appear on the screen. What is important is to buy in the recommended quantity.

  • I do not like Seshasayee Papers Ltd. Can I avoid buying it?

    Our portfolio construct is well thought out and researched. Avoiding or skipping any stock is not advised. We reiterate, it is all-or-none investment advice.

  • What are the charges for investing in the portfolio?

    Apart from standard transaction charges like brokerage, STT, GST, exchange fees and demat charges on regular stock purchases, there is no extra charge levied by us for investing in the portfolio.

  • How long does one hold the portfolio?

    The portfolio is meant to be held for a year. Any holding of shorter duration will attract short-term capital gains tax and a potential loss on dividends. It is only under exceptional circumstances peculiar to oneself that the portfolio should be sold before the expiry of one year. The sale of the portfolio after a year will be subject to LTCG Tax for gains in excess of Rs 1.0 Lakh.

  • What is the maximum investment that I can make?

    There is no maximum investment limit set by us. Minimum investment is approximately Rs 1.0 Lakh and any excess investment to be made is a multiple of Rs 1.0 Lakh.

Isn’t the market at a peak and therefore not conducive for investments?

The market may indeed be volatile given the global concerns on trade wars, recent budgetary proposals, volatile crude prices, subdue GDP numbers, poor corporate earnings, emergence of frauds and poor corporate governance but its long term story remain intact and valuations are quite attractive after recent correction especially in Mid/Samllcap categories. We assess that the markets are delicately poised on the value-versus-growth scale.

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Key Highlights

20Equity Stocks

1,00,000multiples of one lac

holding period


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