What is Loan Against Shares? (LAS):

Most of us are familiar with stocks and shares, one of the most popular investment avenues with good returns. Apart from the normal returns which are expected out of your stocks, there is something more that you can derive out of them. This is where Loan against Shares (LAS) comes into the picture.
Loan against Shares (LAS) is a secured loan against your shares, debentures or mutual funds, bonds, etc. The shares or acceptable financial instrument is kept as a collateral security when this loan is advanced to you. In short, LAS is a great way of raising capital without liquidating any part of your accumulated portfolio.

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In order to meet your short-term financial needs, SBI Loan against shares offers a good choice as you do not have to sell your stocks to fulfill these needs. It is the ideal way to raise funds without liquidating your stocks. If you are a business owner requiring immediate funds, LAS is the most appropriate financing solution for you. Salaried individuals in need of immediate liquidity may also opt for this financing solution. Loan Against shares may also be taken for specific personal goals like marriage, holiday or for a child's education.

Key Highlights

  • Economical overdraft facility
  • Interest is charged on the loan outstanding/limit utilized
  • Low interest rates
  • We charge extremely competitive interest rates on the Loan against Shares
  • Transparent & Easy Online Application
  • Transparent application process with just 3 easy steps –"Fill form online, Print & sign and scan & send" it to designated email id & SBI Branch address.
  • Anytime & Anywhere facility
  • With easy online application, you can apply for LAS anytime & anywhere. No need to visit any branch.


  • Intact Ownership of Shares
  • You can enjoy your rights of receiving corporate actions such as dividends and bonuses along with any gains from the price movements in the shares for which you have availed the loan from the bank.
  • Maximum Repayment Period of 30 months
  • We offer you maximum repayment period of 30 months which is relatively on the higher side.
  • No Additional Documents - Income Proof Require
  • No additional documents like KYC documents, Income proof, IT return documents are required thus administrative effort is kept as minimal as possible.
A. You can avail Loan against Shares from minimum Rs. 50 Thousand to Rs. 20 Lakhs maximum. The final sanction amount will depend on your portfolio value and various other criteria.
A. You can repay the loan at any point of time during the loan tenor by repaying the due interest and principal loan amount through RTGS / NEFT / Cheque
A. All your information is secure with us. The online application is a completely secured application using state-of-the-art security systems.
A. No, SSL DP (CDSL or NSDL) account is mandatory to avail LAS. In case, if your holding is in any other DP account then please transfer it to your SSL DP account.
A. Loan to Value is 50%.
A. You can release your pledged securities by simply repaying the outstanding loan balance.
A.Although shares are pledged, it will remain in your name only.
A.Yes, all the shares must be in the Demat form only.
A. Yes, you can avail a loan against your physical shares by simply converting them into the dematerialized form through a depository account.
A.No personal guarantor is required to avail the facility.
A. With our online application facility, you can apply for a Loan Against Shares from wherever you are.
To apply click on https://retail.onlinesbi.com/las/loanagainstsharesinit.htm
A.Yes, you can make part-prepayment or foreclosure of your loan during loan tenure without any additional charges.
A. Yes. It can be released after repaying the loan amount to the effect that the margin is maintained as per requirement.
A. Yes, you have the flexibility to swap securities as per your outlook on the stock market while enjoying the benefits of dividends, bonus and rights issues.
Demo to SBI LAS Application Process

To understand more about SBI LAS Online Application Process, please click on below video.